Saturday, May 14, 2016

CBS News and Dr. Maverakis

Click here to watch the CBS news report- my 2 seconds of fame

CBS, Sacramento Bee, and other news outlets exaggerate the strength of the protests against Katehi by showing old footage and by trying to encourage students to continue protesting.  The truth is that only a tiny fraction of the more than 33,000 UC Davis students are protesting the chancellor.  None showed up at the UC Regents meeting despite being encouraged by the news media to do so.

The majority of UC Davis faculty support Chancellor Katehi and are upset at Janet Napolitano for her political attack against the chancellor.  A biased investigation will prove nothing.  Recently the NAACP has also voiced their concern about how the allegations against Chancellor Katehi are being handled.

CBS shows only a few seconds of the faculty speeches to the UC Regents but conducts long interviews with a few students protestors who did not even show up the UC Regents's meeting.